LDI Safety and Health:

To accomplish the LDI mission LDI must work in partnership with its employees. LDI management is determined to use its resources effectively to stimulate management commitment and employee participation in comprehensive workplace safety and health programs.

Maintaining a safe working environment in all conditions is paramount to Lancaster Development, and the emphasis on safety is reflected in our extraordinarily low injury rate, as measured by the Workers' Compensation Modification Rating.

Lancaster's rating of 0.82 puts the company in the top 5 percent of its peers nationally for safety, and the firm's standing programs and practices are designed to ensure that safety always remains a priority.

All employees participate in annual training sessions that provide a refresher on existing safety practices, and offer opportunities to focus on new safety enhancements.

In addition, all drivers take part in extensive training, and annual 6-hour review courses, while Lancaster's trucks are fitted with computerized regulators that control the maximum allowable speed for the vehicle.

Lancaster crews also hold weekly "toolbox talks" focusing on an individual safety topic relevant to the work at hand. These five-minute discussions might offer tips on preventing heat stroke in the summer, or reviewing fall protection practices for crews working on bridges.

Lancaster's comprehensive safety plan was developed with input from the state Department of Transportation, state Thruway Authority, and the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). A pro-active approach to safety, rather than reactive, has prevented accidents and contributed to our exceptional safety rating. 

In February, 2002 the Lancaster Companies (Lancaster Development, Contour Construction, Tri City Highway Products and MAG Enterprises) formed an Employee Safety and Health Committee to ensure that everyone takes responsibility for safety.  The goal of this employee driven committee is to look for ways to improve safety from the "bottom up".   The mandate to the committee is to "find out what is being done in an unsafe manner and fix it".  To assist the committee in getting up and running, the Area Director from OSHA and the New York State Department of Transportation Safety Officer were invited to our first meeting along with representatives from our insurance company.

The committee consists of members representing all of the Lancaster Companies assuring that all facets of our work are covered.  Meetings are held monthly and members are asked to sit on the committee for a two year period.  Problems that may arise in the workplace concerning safety and health are placed on the agenda and discussed amongst the members to find a viable solution. The solution is then in turn passed on to management for resources and to implement the plan.

These are just a few examples of what the committee has accomplished to date.

Problem:  Work area on M&P truck very slippery when damp or wet.

Solution:  A three foot area along the back and side of the truck was treated with an abrasive coating.

Problem:  Securing the tarps covering loads on our tri-axles created a situation that increased the likelihood of slips, trips and falls.

Solution:  A cable system was developed along the side of the truck so the driver could secure the tarps from the ground.

Problem:  Loss of eye contact with ground man working with the milling machine.

Solution:  Hearing protection with voice activated communication was purchased so the operator and ground man have constant communication with one another.

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