Environmental Commitment

A strong commitment to the environment is part of Tri City's underlying business practices.  Being a supplier of mined products bears both a responsibility to comply with the mining industry standards as set forth by DEC and MSHA and a responsibility to educate our employees of potential environmental risks. 

In an effort to be proactive with reducing black smoke at the plant, Tri City has installed the Combustion Catalyst System on the generators at both the Hot Mix Asphalt plant and Aggregate plant. 

The Combustion Catalyst System (CCS) is an innovative exhaust emissions reduction solution for internal combustion diesel engines.  The catalytic aerosol enhances the combustion process providing more efficient and complete combustion during the power stroke and less smoldering burn in the exhaust stroke.  Thus more unburned fuel is converted in to useful energy in the engine, reducing fuel consumption and pollution. 

The generator at the Hot Mix Asphalt plant has had a significant reduction in soot and particulate matter discharge.  Through installation of the CCS technology, Tri City can provide both improved air quality at the plants with more efficient running equipment.

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